EXPO BOILER is a dedicated trade show for industrial boilers, showcasing a complete range of products from components & accessories, services and support to full boiler set up.  Join this important gathering for all engineering professionals which covers and addresses latest technology, components solution, energy resources options, safety and maintenance in boilers.

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Real opportunity to meet your customers & potential customers directly

Effective & efficient platform to present your latest products & services

Keep track of the industrial sector’s market needs and development

Benefit from the concurrent events EXPO CLEAN & EXPO LAUNDRY

Expand your business contacts & knowledge through on site activities participation


Asosiasi Produsen Peralatan Listrik Indonesia (APPI) yang erat hubungan teknis bahkan bisnis dengan produk Boiler dan juga Turbin khususnya disektor Pembangkit, sangat mengapresiasi inisiatif PT. Media Artha Sentosa yang menggelar Pameran EXPO BOILER. Momen penting tersebut selain mengeksplorasi dan memperluas peluang bisnis antara produsen dan pemanfaat produk, lebih diharapkan dapat memotivasi, menginspirasi dan mendorong produsen dalam negeri dan calon investor untuk mengembangkan industri Boiler dalam negeri agar dapat memenuhi kebutuhan yang kian meningkat. Meningkatkan kemampuan industri Boiler dan Turbin sebagai perangkat utama dalam konstruksi pembangkit, sudah tentu sangat tergantung pada penguasaan teknologi yang selalu berubah sesuai tuntutan jaman, dan oleh karena itu gelaran pameran kali ini menjadi sangat penting dan strategis untuk fokus mencermati perkembangan teknologi dan sudah tentu keunggulan berbagai jenis produk yang dipamerkan. SUKSES PAMERAN EXPO BOILER 2019
Gabungan Asosiasi Industri Pengerjaan Logam dan Mesin Indonesia – GAMMA extends our support to EXPO BOILER 2019. We believe that this event will open up opportunity for our members to interact in a global scale. Being the first and only to focus on boilers, EXPO BOILER is expected to bridge the related industry sector.
Asosiasi Boiler & Turbin Indonesia – IBTA dengan senang hati mendukung inisiatif EXPO BOILER yang akan menjadi platform yang baik untuk industri boiler dan turbin untuk mengeksplorasi dan memperluas peluang bisnis mereka dan bertemu dengan industri pembelian mereka untuk belajar dan berinteraksi langsung tentang kebutuhan. Ini juga akan menjadi saluran untuk mendapatkan informasi pasar, bertemu dan bertukar perspektif dengan pembuat kebijakan, profesional industri dan rekanan teknik untuk meningkatkan industri boiler dan turbin, khususnya di Indonesia.
Boiler, being one of the production components, is an integrated part for various sectors including manufacturing, engineering, agricultural, plantation, heavy industries and others. EXPO BOILER should be a meeting point and interaction channel for all relevant sectors to maximize the use of boilers effectively and efficiently as well as environmentally-friendly. Ministry of Industry through the Directorate General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation and Electronic Industries support EXPO BOILER and shall use this opportunity to increase added value and sovereignty of local industries along with providing informations and updates on relevant policies and regulations as the attempt of implementation of the policy in increasing local product utilization (P3DN).
Well organized and smooth-running exhibition. Nice choice of speakers and duration of each session was comfortable. Crowd size was very well managed and there was a good balance of time spent for detailed technical discussion and developing networks. Congratulations and job well done by the Organiser for a memorable EXPO BOILER 2019.
This is our first visit to the exhibition, and it is really good. It turns out to be pretty productive for us.
I think the impact for this exhibition is really good, because so many customers from local here and other countries around the region.
Kami cukup puas dengan para pengunjung yang datang ke tempat kami. Kami juga mendapatkan beberapa inquiries yang cukup signifikan bagi kami untuk kami olah.
The exhibition is very successful and in fact we got a lot of exposures and we got a lot of enquiries from different industries and I was surprised because of the interest.
Meskipun ini pertama kali di Indonesia tetapi respon yang kami terima adalah baik, dan kami sudah merencanakan tahun depan untuk ikut kembali pada pameran ini.
I came in EXPO BOILER and my impression is very positive, as here we can meet professionals, and it is a very specific exhibition for Boiler industry.
By visiting EXPO BOILER, we collected abundant market information, it is an important way for us to understand the technology and development in the Boiler industry.
EXPO BOILER is very important event for the Boiler industry because it not only allows us to connect with the type of colleagues that we meet during our normal work lives, but also provides a great platform to meet different suppliers from different parts of the world and get to know different trends and basically, what’s going on in the Boiler industry.
For the first edition of EXPO BOILER, i can say that this Exhibition really a good impact, not only for the users of boiler but also for professional to gather and meet in one place. Good job!
EXPO BOILER 2019 Sangat membantu kami dalam mencari solusi dan menemukan inovasi boiler yang selama ini kami sulit mencarinya. Semoga 2020 dapat kembali diadakan, dengan jumlah peserta yang lebih bervariatif !
The first event of EXPO BOILER was so great. Good ambiance, well organized, many visitors coming and interested in our products.


Steam generating boiler has its history back in late 1700s and early 1800s from the concept of kettle-type boiler, which boils water and turns it into steam. It was not until about 1867 when convection boiler was developed, that the steam-generating industry started.

Most may agree that George Babcock and Steven Wilcox were the two inventors of steam – generating boilers. They were the first to register their boiler design with patent office and they established Babcock & Wilcox Company in New York City in 1891. Their first boilers were rather small, used coal, fired by hand and operated at a very low rate of input. The design used tubes within a firebrick-wall structure to generate steam.

The Stirling Boiler Company, owned by O.C Barber and named for the street Stirling Avenue with facility in Barberton, Ohio, also began making boilers in 1891. Their 8th Stirling boiler design was named H-type and had a brick setting design which was bigger than Babcock & Wilcox’s.

In 1907, the Stirling Boiler Company merged with the Babcock & Wilcox Company, renaming their most popular boiler H-type Stirling.

Another company producing steam boiler worth noting in history was the Grieve Grate Company and the American Stoker Company. They both had similar all brick wall design and used a screw-type grate at the bottom of the boiler to transport the coal across inside the boiler. These two companies later merged and formed the Combustion Engineering Company in 1912, offering the Type E Stoker Boiler in the market.

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